Rocket Miner – Endless gold rush in space

Start your rocket, Captain, and collect as many gold and gem asteroids as you can!

Avoid rocks, stars, enemy spaceships, evil magnetised asteroids, fast comets, moons and shipwrecks to complete you mission.

Show us you are the best Rocket Miner in this endless gold rush in space!

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Divemaster – Scuba Diving Game

Your divegroup wants you to guide them under the sea and show them the amazing wildlife – they want to take stunning photos and share with friends.

WE NEED YOU! Start your career as the new dive master!
* Show us that you can guide the highest number of divers underwater
* Let them to take the most beautiful photos ever and share with friends
* Learn more about the underwater animals
* Kids-friendly approach – no violence just fun

Get a life worth living:  become the best divemaster in the world!


Entertaining…. * * * * *

I enjoy This app very much.I enjoy hunting for treasure with more of a plot than the usual treasure hunting games out there.I do feel some of the missions are a lo0t harder to accomplish without paying money.

Ashthone Cacherli, Divemaster player (iOS)

Interval time * * * *

If you have to have surface interval time this is a great way to spend it!

Achillea, Divemaster player (iOS)

Excellent! * * * * *

Very relaxing and fun. Pleasant experience. Not pay to play but coin doubler + no ads I bought, worth it, I never Pay to play but the devs did a great job so I felt like I should help them out a little.

Eric Abbott, Divemaster player (Android)

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Space Geckos – The Rescue Mission

Inspired by a true story. Russia’s space agency confirmed on Monday, 1 September 2014 that five geckos, launched into space for an experiment on weightlessness have died. 

But now you can change the tragic history into sweet and glorious victory! In the hit game “Space Geckos – The Rescue Mission” you can fight your way through asteroids and get those geckos to bring them back to Earth! On behalf of the geckos a big THANK YOU to you for playing the game and keep the gecko memories alive!

Launch your spaceship from planet Earth and collect rescue helmets hidden behind asteroids to save the reptiles of the failed space station. Shoot the asteroids to get the hidden gecko rescue helmets! Blast Unity asteroids to get hidden power-up objects, like the classic turbo laser, fuel refill, shield recharge or the magical magnetic helmet collector special power-up! Asteroids and celestial bodies use real physics simulations.

Complete adventurous tasks and save as much lizards as you can! Smash your way to the top of the leaderboards!

Adorable Physics Shooter Space Geckos Blasts Onto Android

The doomed space faring geckos that captured the internet’s heart a while back are at it again this time in their own new physics heavy game from indie developer Precontinent Games appropriately titled Space Geckos – Rescue Mission. A combination arcade shoot em up and physics survival game, Space Geckos challenges players with rescuing the aforementioned amphibians by flying their own spaceship through the perils of the solar system in order to pick up the errant geckos and bring them home. That’s easier said than done however as players must navigate a semi-realistic solar system simulation as they blast apart asteroids for supplies while avoiding being caught in the grip of an errant sun or black hole. As players complete missions and rescue geckos they’ll be able to outfit their ship with better tech that gives them advantages like better guns and faster engines in order to accomplish their mission. An addicting physics heavy shooter adventure, Space Geckos – Rescue Mission is available now for free on Google Play.

Craig Forshey, Super Game Android

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